Helpful Tips for Showing Your Home
Congrats! Your home is now live and on the market! So now what? Well, the next step in this process is to show your home to potential buyers. Where do we start with that process? How can your home be made the most attractive for potential buyers?

Here are some helpful tips that will help make your home appeal to buyers of all types:

1: Never Turn Down A Showing
Try your best and accommodate all showings. Showing your home as much as possible is the ideal scenario because all types of buyers will browse your home. The showing you declined may have been your buyer!

2. Leave the Lights On
First impressions are huge in real estate. Potential buyers decide within 30 seconds if they like a house. Opening the door to a bright and cheery room will impact buyer’s emotions. A room with low light and shadows comes off as gloomy and sad and it makes the buyer hesitant to enter the home.

3. Crank Up the Air Conditioner
Make your buyers feel welcome. A hot home will only cut their viewing short, and they may miss the best parts of your home due to feeling uncomfortable!

4. Humor your Neighbors
Referrals are a big part of the real estate business! Neighbors are naturally curious to know all about your home sale. Count them in to show up at an open house. Chances are that someone in the neighborhood knows someone who might be the perfect buyer for your home.

5. Stay in Model Home Condition at all Times
Potential buyers will LOVE a fresh and clean home. The cleaning and de-cluttering never stops! Cooking smells, pet odors, wet towels in the bathroom and all signs of home life need to go.  De-cluttering your home will make your home fresh and attractive to all potential buyers.

6. Tone Down Rooms and Furnishings
It will pay off if you minimize extravagant home decorations like the Star Wars and princess décor- no matter how well-done. Orchid colored walls, music star posters and stuffed animal collections broadcast that you are selling a “used” house. Keep décor and furnishings to a minimum and neutralize your home as much as possible. Keep in mind that you want them to visualize their belongings in your home and an over decorated home will not allow them to do that.

7.  Keep Your Things Safe
Don’t create temptation by leaving cameras on the coffee table, diamond earrings on the dresser or prescriptions in the bathroom. You get the picture!

8. Don’t Get Sued
Get rid of tripping hazards, like small rugs. Make sure flooring is not loose or uneven particularly on stairs, porches and decks. Pick up toys. Use mats and put towels down when it rains. Shovel ice and snow. Safety First!

9. Make Yourself Scarce
This is one of the most important tips: MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT IN THE HOME DURING SHOWINGS. Your agent will take care of everything. Innocent questions from buyers can cost you. If they ask “Who cleans your chimney?” you will have to admit it’s never been cleaned. Chatting with buyers during the showing process is more likely to hurt the sale than help.

10. Don’t Let the Buyers Make You Nuts
Buyers can be inconsiderate and not realize it. They come late for appointments, or they don’t show up at all. They use your bathroom and play with your kids’ toys. They make offhand comments about the home that can hurt the homeowners’ feelings. These will usually show up in feedback after the showing. Don’t take it to heart. Your home will not appeal to every buyer and that’s certainly ok. All it takes is one yes from an interested buyer!