You may have heard, “The spring market begins after the Super Bowl.”  That of course was last Sunday, and from all early indications, the  spring market of 2018 has begun.

As the busiest time of year for the housing market, spring –  actually, February through May – brings opportunity for buyers and  sellers alike.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, here are some keys to success.

Begin with a Comparative Market Analysis 

Get an opinion of your home’s value from an active real estate pro.  After all, “What is my house worth?” is probably the biggest question on  your mind – and that’s why a Comparative Market Analysis (“CMA”) is so important.

A real estate broker will prepare a CMA to give you a snapshot of  your home’s current value based on comparable properties in your area.

This will help you determine the appropriate asking price for your home when it comes time to list.

Get Organized

The peak season for real estate has begun, and your home should be in great showing condition at all times.

While this may seem daunting, your agent can recommend services to help you get ready.

Declutter and prep your home for showings and open houses by following these tips.

Yes, Do Those Necessary Home Improvements

Inspections aren’t just for homebuyers.

If sellers order an inspection prior to putting their home on the  market, they can identify and address issues that could arise during the  escrow period.

Sellers should also keep in mind that many buyers today are looking for a home that is turnkey and move-in ready.

If you thought you might want to “do something” to your home, chances are your buyer will have the same idea.

From painting to re-finishing floors, home improvement projects can  boost a home’s sale-ability and also give it a more current look.

Have a Marketing Strategy

From the time-tested yard sign to cutting-edge content marketing, there are numerous tactics for marketing a home these days.

Having a comprehensive marketing plan positions your home to get the  broadest exposure and to achieve the highest possible price in the  shortest amount of time. It also makes the selling process a lot more  seamless.

Without a doubt, the most successful sellers (and their brokers)  create and follow a strategy that is tailored to their specific listing.

Be Flexible

Spring brings more competition in real estate, which means sellers need to be flexible on matters beyond just negotiating price.

You might be asked to show your home at the last minute, to close quickly, or to satisfy an unusual request.

Be open minded at all times and keep the end goal in mind. Don’t  reject an offer just because it potentially requires more work than  anticipated.

If a buyer makes an offer, they are interested. Keep them engaged and  work towards an agreement. After all, that’s how you can make your next  move, too.