Moving into a new home should be considered a great experience and the symbol of a new chapter. Often times, moving can be a very stressful experience. The headache of packing and unpacking, deciding what to toss and actually transporting all of your prized possessions is ultimately very exhausting. It's a big job, and someone has to do it, but that doesn't make the impending stress of moving any less overwhelming.

What will help take the pain out of preparing to relocate are move-planning apps. Like other productivity apps that can be downloaded on your smartphone, move-planning apps will help you keep everything organized and ultimately give you less stress when preparing to move.

Here are five of the best move-planning apps to help make moving day as hassle-free as possible:

1: Sortly
This app is beautiful because of its attention to detail. Sortly allows you to compartmentalize every inch of your house. You can create a moving checklist (which can be exported for movers), photograph items and categorize them by location (room, closet, box, etc.), and you can add value and condition for specific items (i.e. your prized dolphin painting).For $3.99 a month, one user can catalogue an unlimited number of items on three devices. The $25-a-month plan allows three users to catalog unlimited items, with the option of adding users $3 a month per user. The app also has a two-week free trial and a free version that allows one user to catalogue 100 items on one device.

2: Unpakt
This app is designed to help you find a moving company! 
Enter basic details—when, where, and what you’re moving—and you’ll see real prices (not estimates) from verified firms. Unpakt offers a price guarantee that only changes if you add or remove an item or service. Using the app is simple: Just select a mover, enter your billing information, and your move is reserved. Your credit card will be charged two business days before the day of the move. Unpakt guarantees that moving companies are screened to ensure that they’re reputable, and you can also read reviews from other consumers on the app.

3: MakeSpace
If you’re downsizing or moving to a home short on storage space, MakeSpace is your best bet! The app makes the process as simple as possible: Just book an appointment, and its team of professional movers will come to pick up your stuff and haul it off to storage. When you want your items back, schedule a delivery, and the team will return your goods. When the items arrive at the storage facility, the company sends photos of everything—and the photos can be used to request specific items that you want to get out of storage. The storage plans range from $69 per month for a 2-foot by 2-foot unit, to $469 per month for a 10-foot by 20-foot unit.

4. Flyer Ruler

Are you uncertain if your sofa will fit in your new living room? Is that sofa too large to come through the front door? This is where Flying Ruler comes in handy! This app is a tape measure, ruler, protractor, and a goniometer (otherwise known as an angle-measurer). After you calibrate your phone, a simple process that the app walks you through, you can take measurements merely by moving your phone from one point to the next. The measurement is then displayed on the interface in either inches or centimeters. You can also take a photo of the measurements. The Flying Ruler app has a high accuracy rate, but the company recommends that you measure more than once.

5: Dolly
Dolly helps you find vetted and insured pick-up truck owners to help you with moving furniture pick-up and the app even helps you haul off your trash. In addition, Dolly can match you with someone for a "labor-only move," if you need some extra muscle to move stuff around your home. The app is extremely simple to navigate: Enter your details (what/where/when you need something picked up and delivered) and receive a quote for the service. If you agree to the price, simply book the Dolly. You can book a same-day delivery, or schedule the delivery for the next day, or even the next month. You can ask for almost anything to be moved, with the exception of a few items, such as gun safes, pianos, and alcohol.

All of these apps are free and available for download on the app store for iPhones and iPads and the Google Play Store for Androids with the exception of Flying Ruler which is available for $1.99 and is ONLY AVAILABLE on the App Store for iPhones and iPads.